At iPLON Solutions we offer optimal solutions for your power generation systems. We specialize in renewable energy and energy efficiency. With the help of our products and solutions, power generation systems achieve optimal yields → iVIEW and renewable energy sources are seamlessly integrated into the power grid → Remote control technology. Optimal use of the regenerative energy generated is ensured by our control systems, which communicate directly with each other using state-of-the-art technologies → Energy management.


iVIEW is a holistic portal system that enables the modeling, logging and display of power generation systems. For this purpose, the components of a plant are modeled in the intuitive iWizcon editor, from which a navigable tree structure is subsequently generated. Each tree element contains panels corresponding to the device type, which show the relevant data points of the device through descriptive diagrams as well as tables. Additional panels can be defined for a device type, thus customizing the portal system according to your needs. Furthermore, the portal offers you the possibility to be informed about device errors and to receive regular reports about your plant.

iView Screenshot

Remote control technology

The iGridControl developed by us is used to monitor and control heterogeneous power generation plants. Different generation plants (CHP, PV, wind and hydropower plants) can be controlled individually or together at the grid connection point. In addition to power reduction and reactive power control, all specifications for connection to the Remote control technology of the transmission system operator or the direct marketer are implemented.


Energy management

Smart solutions for energy management are used to obtain optimal yields from an energy generation plant. One of the challenges iPLON Solutions is already facing today is the merging of discontinuous energy production from renewable sources with the dynamic energy consumption of residential buildings, public facilities and industrial plants.

Intelligent power grids (smart grids) combine electric energy from wind and hydro power as well as photovoltaic and biogas plants on the basis of adaptive control algorithms. This links local energy generation more closely to the needs of regional consumers. The integration of e-mobility and storage systems into holistic energy management are just two challenges. For the real-time recording of energy flows, the implementation of control algorithms, and the control of production plants and consumers, we offer end-to-end solutions that we flexibly adapt to the diverse requirements of all parties involved.

Software development

We offer individual software developments in the areas of energy management, metering and monitoring solutions. From the new development to the adaptation of existing solutions, all variations are possible. Here, our premise is to react flexibly and quickly to customer-specific requirements.

Intersolar 2024

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