iPLON Solutions aims to supply its customers with optimal solutions. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are our main focus. Our products and solutions contribute to achieve optimum yields for photovoltaic systems → to integrate iSOL and regenerative energy seamless into the electricity grid → telecontrol systems. To produce regenerative energy is one thing. To use energy efficiently is another. This includes our control systems which directly interconnect through most modern communication technology → Energy Management.


iSol is a holistic portal system, which allows the modelling, logging and presentation of energy generation systems. For that, components of a plant are modelled in the intuitive iWizcon Editor from which a navigable tree structure is generated automatically. Each tree element includes panels according to the type of device. These panels present graphs or charts of all relevant data of the device.

By means of a script language further panels can be defined for a device type when necessary, whereby all required information of one device can be displayed. In addition, users are able to obtain information about device faults as well as reports regarding their plants.

iView Screenshot

Remote control technology

The iGridControl-Box helps to monitor and control heterogeneous energy generation plants. Different generating plants as cogeneration unit, wind farms and PV installations can be controlled together or separately at the network connection point. Besides power reduction and reactive power control, all specifications regarding connection to the telecontrol of the transmission system operator or direct marketer can be implemented.


Energy Management

In the future „smart“ solutions will become increasingly important. One of the challenges we are currently facing is the junction of discontinuous energy production from renewable sources with the dynamic energy turnover of residential buildings, public institutions and industry.

Smart Grids (intelligent power grids) will prospectively join electric energy from wind and hydropower as well as from PV installations and biogas plants on the basis of intelligent control algorithms and thereby dock local energy production more closely to the needs of local consumers. The integration of E-Mobility and storage systems are only two challenges. For recording energy influences in real time, intelligent control algorithms as well as the control of production plants and consumers we worked out solutions which we can flexibly adapt to various requirements.

Software development

We offer individual software development in the areas of energy management, meter recording and monitoring solutions. From adapting existing solutions to new development all variants are possible. Here our premise is to react flexibly and quickly to customer-specific requirements.

Intersolar 2022

from 11th to 13th of May 2022 in Munich


EZA-Controller Certification

Certification by FGH